Songwriters Michael Tierney and Michael Cristiano combine as Rubicon Day. Leviathan, their first album, provides the perfect canvas for multi-award winning performer and producer Michael Cristiano to display his skills as a guitar virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. The album contains songs of immense beauty and great social challenge.

Michael Cristiano

Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, mandolin, banjo, dobro, piano accordion, harmonica, dulcimer and keyboards

Michael Tierney

Pen, paper, air guitar and dreams

Lisa Edwards


Gerry Pantazis


Gerry Pantazis would like to thank Yamaha drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans DrumHeads and Promark Sticks.

Craig Newman


Craig Newman would like to thank D’Addario strings, Music Link and Dominant Music.

Wilbur Wilde


“And the innocents came screaming through the sky

The world looked on in horror and asked the question why?”